Important points to consider when choosing driveway gates

One of the most important parts of your home is your driveway gates. They provide security, privacy and protection. They serve as the entrance to your property providing that valuable “first impression”. Street appeal can be enhanced thereby improving the overall value of your property.

There are important points to keep in mind when choosing driveway gates.

*Firstly, whether to go for a single swinging or sliding gate or a pair of double swinging gates. The costs are similar so we recommend choosing what is going to work best in your situation taking into account the different space requirements of each type of gate.

*Secondly, what material you want the gate to be made from i.e. aluminium for lighter weight and lower cost, or steel for greater strength, or timber for a traditional look. Maybe a combination of these materials eg. steel frame with timber tg&v panelling. Other materials available by specific enquiry eg. stainless steel, corten steel, even concrete.

*Thirdly, whether the gate/gates will be manual or automatic. We specialise in automatic driveway gates that can be conveniently opened either by remote control or coded keypad or some other device eg. cellphone or ground loop.

So there’s quite a lot involved in choosing the best driveway gate for your place. We recommend taking the time to consider your options and talking with people in the industry. Your efforts will be rewarded with a fine looking gate that performs beyond your expectations and doesn’t break the bank.

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